The Center has a stellar group of Advisory Council members 
who are participating in the launch of our new 
 organization and the expansion of our reform work. 

The Advisory Council for the Center includes more than fifty outstanding members with more than seventeen medical doctors (including twelve psychiatrists and two neurologists), four present or former chairpersons of graduate departments of counseling, members of the clergy, public advocates, active duty military, veterans, and professionals and professors in the fields of psychology, counseling, psychotherapy, social work, nursing, addiction and education. Meet them here.

For full Advisory Council biographies, go to this link 

Peter R. Breggin, MD, Director
Ginger Ross Breggin, Executive Director

Advisory Council Members

Penelope Young Andrade, LCSW ~ Psychotherapy
Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD ~ Neurology
Bart Billings, PhD ~ Psychology
Doug Bower, PhD ~ Counseling & Clergy
Pat Bracken, MD ~ Psychiatry
Bonnie Burstow, PhD ~ Psychotherapy
Joanne Cacciatore, PhD ~ Bereavement Trauma Specialist
Paula J. Caplan, Ph.D.~ Clinical & Research Psychology
Dorothy Cassidy, MEd ~ Special Education
Ted Chabasinski, J.D. ~ Patients' Rights Attorney
Tony Coates, MBChB MNZAP ~Psychiatry
Ty C. Colbert, PhD ~ Psychology
Michael Cornwall, PhD ~ Psychology
Michael W. Corrigan, EdD ~ Educational Psychologist
Carolyn Crowder, PhD ~ Psychology
Thomas P Cushman, PhD ~ Counseling & Education
Beth Darnall, PhD ~ Pain Psychologist
Nadine De Santo, EdS ~ School Psychology
Anthony DiGiovanni, MD ~ Psychiatry
Mathy Downing ~ Drug Safety Advocate
Kathryn Douthit, PhD ~ Counseling and Human Development
M.N.G (Graham) Dukes, M.D. ~ Medical Ethics and the Law
Fred Ernst, Ph.D. ~ Psychology
Timothy D Evans, PhD ~ Psychology
Alberto Fergusson, MD ~ Psychiatry
Robert K Ferrie, MD ~ General Practitioner & Psychotherapist
Robert Foltz, PsyD ~ Psychology
Mark Foster, DO ~ Family Medicine physician
Thomas Garcia, LMHC ~ Addiction Counseling
Pamela Glasner ~ Author
Howard Glasser, MA ~ Psychotherapy & Education
William Glasser, MD ~ Psychiatry
Peter C. Gøtzsche MD ~ Research Institute Director
Robert J Grimm, MD ~ Neurology
Miles Groth, PhD ~ Psychoanalysis and Existential Analysis
​​Ross Halpern, PhD ~ Psychology & Chronic Pain Specialist
Walter E. Jacobson, MD ~ Psychiatry
Adrianne Johnson, PhD ~ Counseling & Education
Bob Johnson, MD ~ Psychiatry
Daniel Johnson, MD ~ Psychiatry
Lucy Johnstone PhD ~ Psychology
Jon Jureidini, MD ~ Child Psychiatry
Bertram Karon, PhD ~ Psychology
Jennifer L Kinzie, MS, LMHC~ Counseling
Stanley Krippner, PhD ~ Psychology
Brenda A. LeFrançois, PhD ~ Psychology
Terry Lynch, MD ~ Psychotherapy & General Practice
Mary Maddock ~ Advocate & Psychiatric Survivor
Joanna Moncrieff, MD ~ Psychiatry
Jodi Weinstein Mullen, PhD ~ Counselor & Educator
Robert A. Neimeyer, PhD ~ Psychology
Bob Nikkel, MSW ~ Counseling Administrator
Kim Olver, LCPC, NCC, BCC ~ Executive Director of the Glasser Institute for Choice Theory​
Judith Orloff, MD ~ Psychiatry
Donna Pierre, MD ~ Family Doctor
Brian J Pidkaminy, MA, MBA ~ Military Chaplain
Wendy West Pidkaminy, LCSW ~ Social Work
Mark D. Popper, PhD ~ Psychology
Gerald Porter, PhD ~ Counseling & Education
Dee Ray, PhD ~ Counseling and Education
Elizabeth Root, MSW ~ Social Work
Gayle S. Rozantine, PhD ~ Psychology
Olga Runciman, BSc, RN ~ Psychiatric Nurse
Jay Salwen, MD ~ Radiology
Melanie Sears, RN MBA ~ Psychiatric Nursing
Michael Shaw, MD ~ Obstetrics & Gynecology
Stuart Shipko, MD ~ Psychiatry
Rebecca Shipman Hurst, MA ~ Human Services
Douglas Smith, MD ~ Psychiatry
John A. Snyder,EdD., Psychologist ~ Insight Oriented Psychotherapy and Supervision
Tony Stanton, MD ~ Psychiatry
Barbara F. Streets, PhD, LP ~ Counseling
Grace Karen Sweet ~ Advocate
Gail Tasch MD ~ Psychiatry 
Hemant Thakur, MD ~ Psychiatry
Philip Thomas, MD ~ Psychiatry
Michael Guy Thompson, PhD ~ Psychoanalyst
​Sami Timimi MD ~ Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Tom and Diane Vande Burgt ~ Advocates for Military and Veterans
Cheryl van Daalen-Smith RN PhD ~ Critical Feminist Nurse & Professor
Frank van Meerendonk ~ Consumer Activist
Mary Neal Vieten, PhD, ABPP ~ Psychologist, Founder/Director at Warfighter Advance, Inc.
Clemmont E. Vontress, PhD ~ Counseling
Orly Wahba, MA ~ Educator
Jo Watson ~ Psychotherapist
Marnie Wedlake PhD ~ Health Professional Education​
Don Weitz ~ social justice activist and psychiatric survivor
Piet Westdijk, MD ~ Psychiatry
Barbara Harris Whitfield, RRT CMT ~ Author
Charles L Whitfield, MD ~ Addiction
Peter Wright ND ~ Counseling
Robert E. Wubbolding, EdD ~ psychologist, counselor
Robert L. Wyckoff, M.D., J.D.~ Psychiatry

For full Advisory Council biographies, go to this link 

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