Join us at our Empathic Therapy Conference!  
April 8-10, 2011
The Embassy Suites Hotel
Syracuse, New York

The Empathic Therapy conference, April 8-10, 2011 in Syracuse, NY will feature presentations by Dr. Breggin and some of his closest colleagues and exceptional and innovative presenters.  The conference is being oriented to serve the needs of professionals, interested laypersons, and individuals and families who have encountered biopsychiatry and are seeking better ways of improving and enhancing their lives. CEUs for professionals will be available. The theme of Bring Out the Best In Yourself! relates both to individual growth and life improvement as well as specifically addressing ways that counselors, social workers, psychotherapists, teachers, psychiatrists and others can be their very best professionally with their clients, patients and students.

Some of Our Outstanding Conference Presenters 

Peter R. Breggin, MD is a psychiatrist in Ithaca, New York, and author of Toxic Psychiatry, Talking Back to Prozac, and Medication Madness. An international expert on clinical psychopharmacology, Dr. Breggin will critique psychiatric diagnoses and drugs, and describe the nature and effectiveness of empathic therapy. 

Charles L. Whitfield, MD is a psychotherapist, addiction specialist and author of multiple bestsellers including Healing the Child Within (1.5 million sales), Codependence: Healing the Human Condition and the Truth About Mental Illness.  A world-renowned leader in the field, he will discuss healing from trauma.

Mathy Downing & attorney Karl Protil--Mathy Downing is a wife and mother who survived an antidepressant-induced family tragedy.  She will lead a panel of family survivors of antidepressant-induced suicides and murder.  Mathy's attorney Karl Protil and her medical expert Peter R. Breggin, MD will join the survivors in a unique in-depth presentation that focuses on legal issues, the havoc caused by psychiatric drugs and the will to triumph over loss. 

Alberto Fergusson, MD, is a psychiatrist from Columbia, South America, and an international innovator in the field of helping deeply disturbed and homeless patients without resort to psychiatric drugs.  He will describe auto-analysis through which individuals learn to study and to develop their own therapeutic programs for healings. 

Howard Glasser is the best-selling author of Transforming the Difficult Child and an inspiring presenter who has elevated the work of many therapists.  He will describe his famous Nurtured Heart Approach for therapists and teachers who want to help children and adults “find their greatness.”

Gerald Porter, PhD, is Chairman of the SUNY Oswego Department of Counseling and Psychological Services.  He leads his department with the same empathic, caring principles that are necessary for good counseling. Dr. Porter  will discuss advances in the field of cross-cultural empathic counseling and apply these principles to the home and classroom.

Melanie Sears, RN MBA is a psychiatric nurse and an author who has been a trainer for the Center of Nonviolent Communications since 1991. She works with businesses, hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, individuals, couples and parents in transforming their usual way of operations, interpersonal interactions and dealing with conflict to one which is more compassionate, conscious and effective.

Douglas Smith, MD, is a psychiatrist and retired USPHS officer in private practice in Alaska.  Dr. Smith will help aspiring therapists learn to approach their patients and clients in a caring, empathic and effective manner in both public settings and private practice.

Wendy West Pidkaminy, LCSW, is an Adjunct Professor in the Syracuse University Department of Social Work and the author of Parenting Challenging Children with Power, Love and Sound Mind.  She brings an inspiring combination of psychological insight and spiritual enthusiasm to the process of helping children and families.

Bart Billings, PhD is founder of the annual International Military and Civilian Combat Stress Conference in Los Angeles.  A retired military psychologist and innovator in the field of healing stress, Dr. Billings will describe the latest non-drug programs for helping soldiers and non-military citizens who suffer from trauma. 


Peter R. Breggin, MD is no longer affiliated with the Center for the Study of Psychiatry, informally known as International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology, which he founded and led from 1972-2002, and Dr. Breggin will no longer be involved in its conferences.

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