What People are Saying About the 2011 Empathic Therapy Conference:

"I just returned from Dr. Peter Breggin's Empathic Therapy conference in Syracuse, New York.  It was a great conference, and wonderful to be surrounded by hundreds of people--psychiatrists, neurologists, family doctors, psychologists, social workers, recovered consumers, family advocates--from all over the country who see the falseness and harm of the biopsychiatric model.  For once, I felt like I wasn't stranded on an island by myself." Mark Foster, D.O. from his blog on "Mad in America."

"Wow! What a nice experience at the Empathy Therapy Conference.  Much, much more than I expected (with years of conferences).  Ginger, the planning, execution, and oversight was flawless!  I've never experienced anything like this working so smoothly.  More specifically, the choice of presenters was great -- each one well prepared and having something unusual and stimulating to say.  And there was a ryhthm about the whole thing,-- a lack of sameness, some more emotional, some more intellectual.  The panel of "victims" of antidepressant malice had me, along with this huge professional hockey player beside me, in tears.  Thanks!  This conference brought the whole thing together about antidepressants in a more profound way. I liked the interaction with presenters and participants alike. Bottom line:  I wasn't bored once -- and that's, I think, a first!  It was so good to be with people -- really smart people, that I felt so much respect for, who approach troubled people (aren't we all, at times) and their issues with a similar philosophy and understanding.  The most important benefit most likely in the long run:  I don't feel so all alone!" John Snyder, EdD, psychotherapist and author of Flying Lessons.

"It is Tuesday, 2 days post conference, and my head is just beginning to wind down.  The talent and collective wisdom that gathered on that early spring weekend in Syracuse surpassed everyone's conscious or unconscious expectations.  Peter's leadership and Ginger's guidance produced a professional experience that will be studied well into the future as a standard by which learning as a group will be measured.  I believe that the film of this event, and the training film Peter produced, will spur growth and health in our professions, and will stand as permanent, undeniable statements of what is possible in the provision of truly therapeutic services.  I, and all our current and future patients, thank you."  Richard F. Gottlieb, MSW, psychotherapist.

What People are Saying About Dr. Breggin’s 2011 Presentations to School Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers and Teachers: 

-Awesome speaker!
-This presenter and information was amazing!  Thank you
-One of the most useful and affirming speakers ever!
-Thank you for getting such an important speaker/topic for our meeting!
-This is life changing for our culture!  What an excellent speaker!  Brand new concepts for me! I need to know more – facts, statistics; How do I convince parents, teachers and administrators?
-I have wondered for a long time when people would take a stand against over medicating children and really all people.  It is criminal – I agree!  I’m glad there is research supporting anti-medication treatment.
-Very interesting, thought provoking, enlightening; excellent dialogue
-Love this guy!  Wish I could go to his conference.
-Dr. Breggin is very motivating
-He was down to earth, knowledgeable, made the info very easy to understand
-Funny; kept my attention
-Very entertaining, informative and politically engaging
-Very knowledgeable; appreciate all he is doing to promote these positions; so much more required on a large scale – need to know how to initiate change.  Admire the desire to strengthen the “movement”.
-Please bring him back! (2)
-Very informative; I intend to attend the conference
-Thank you for pushing against the status quo; it’s not common in my experience
-Very convincing, knowledgeable, caring, thoughtful, great!
-Top notch!
-I appreciate the opportunity to have this information available and presented in such a frank manner
-Filled with important information
-Definitely a perspective to think about further, and more extreme (blunt) than I had anticipated.  However, I do like the person-centered approach Dr. Breggin emphasized
-Dr. Breggin really challenged my thinking about the issues of diagnoses, psychiatric medication
-Incredibly educational
-Provided different perspective and challenged us as counselors. Renewed my hope in the power of connecting with our kids
-What an eye-opening workshop that has changed my perspective on psychiatric drugs and diagnoses
-I would say that this may be the best workshop I have ever been to
-Very helpful and reassuring
-Very interesting; gets you to examine your ideas with regard to how diagnosis impacts the individual and families
-This workshop makes you think differently which all of us need, to grow as people and professionals
-Very thought provoking and well worth the time.  I think there are situations where this approach would not work.  It intrigues me to consider the questions related to medication.
-Very unique; raised a lot of questions
-Thought provoking; I know some things I will do differently now; thanks for the enlightenment
-He is great; puts the info into understandable and realistic terms
-Quite knowledgeable and very entertaining and engaging
-Enjoyed and found useful the stories Dr. Breggin shared
-Excellent presenter/teacher; very knowledgeable on topic
-Awesome speaker!
-Sincere and from the heart
-Committed to his cause to positively impact people and the helping professionals to be more person focused. Very knowledgeable and makes one look more critically at how we approach mental health
-Engaging; strong beliefs; role play helped to reinforce what I already do
-Well spoken; knowledgeable; good sense of humor; makes you want to be a better counselor/psychologist
-The best I have ever experienced.  This is the best information I have been presented with in a long time
-Great presentation; well organized; very engaging; amazing, genuine character
-His out of the box thinking; easy going style make the day fly. Very intense in his beliefs
-Dr. Breggin is an incredible man with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  He is a man of courage and conviction.

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