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We are establishing a kind of a 21st Century professional "social"  site that will become a data repository for us all for our Empathic Therapy, Education & Living organization. I have selected the format that has the most professional and flexible aspects: the NING architecture.  Our networking site is: Dr. Peter Breggin's Empathic Therapy, Education & Living Network

 The idea is that anyone can come and join our Ning social networking site and access our information posted there.  Anyone can  join our network, and when they do they may create and post blogs, news items, videos, and events that will be approved by an administrator.  When you join our professional networking site you may, create profile pages, get to know one another, and so forth.  I think the most powerful aspect of this site will be the blogs--folks can come, read, and comment.  The powerful aspect of the NING network is that it is permanent so we can build a continuing data base of information over time (and over time we can learn more about organizing the data as it accumulates, too.)

A listserv is ephemeral in that it flows past and there is no organization of the data. A Facebook page/site has similar problems and is suitable for a lighter inter-relationship. Our Empathic Therapy website serves well as our organization's 'offices' but is too static and doesn't have flexibility for blogging and interaction.  I think you will find our new networking site should provide much greater preservation of the good data that accumulates.

Students will really love this site as well as professionals and interested laypersons.  Come join in the conversation!
Peter R. Breggin, MD is no longer affiliated with the Center for the Study of Psychiatry, informally known as International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology, which he founded and led from 1972-2002, and Dr. Breggin is no longer involved in its conferences.

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